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The Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GTRI is ready to meet your company's needs to create a more sustainable workforce for tomorrow, today.

We specialize in training developed for young workers, in industries including construction, healthcare, cosmetology, and the culinary arts. With over 13,000 contact hours of training and over 5,000 young workers trained, the Center is ready to create a comprehensive and customized course for your specific company. We are ready to work with you.


What is the benefit?

Young Workers respond to safety training differently than more experienced workers. However, research shows that Young Workers are not receiving the sorts of training that engage these different learning styles. Young Workers have different interests, life experiences, and developmental levels compared to older workers[i]. We know that safety training specifically focused on Young Workers produces tangible results. In one study, safety training accounted for a 12% reduction in Workers Compensation claims, however in the same study the reduction in claims for Young Workers was 42%[ii].

The Center for Health and Safety Training at GTRI offers comprehensive health and safety training programs for students and workers between the ages of 14-24 that reduce injuries and illnesses among these young workers. Preventing injuries and illnesses to young workers has a positive impact on the individual, their family, their employer and society as a whole.

The comprehensive approach to Health and Safety training is unique because it doesn’t just focus on specific examples of unsafe situations. Rather, the Center for Young Worker Health and Safety focuses on empowering young workers to take an active role in reducing the risks of hazards. The Center teaches them to recognize a hazardous situation and gives them the confidence to take the necessary precautions proactively.

Maintaining a safe work environment increases workers chances for a long healthy life, and this is especially true for young workers. Comprehensive safety training will reduce lost time due to injury, Workers Compensation claims, and Lost Productivity.


What Makes the Center Stand Out

The Center for Young Worker Safety and Health is located at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, and builds on the staff experience and expertise of Georgia Tech's OSHA Training Institute and Education Center (OTI-EC), which has served employers throughout the Southeast since 1992. The Center works closely with the OTI-EC to provide its unique and most comprehensive approach to health and safety training for workers between 14-24 years of age. The Center supports and promotes OTI-EC's mission to help businesses reduce accidents, lower worker's compensation premuims, and save money. The Center has conducted over 4,000 hours of training annually since 2010, and has received a 90% or greater satisfaction rating from students and teachers.


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