Useful for My Internship

When I begin my internship next week, I will be sure to employ of the lessons I learned this week.  You taught us very valuable lessons to use in the workplace and in life.

Yasmin G.

Relatable Material

You made a topic that I at first thought would be common sense relatable, easy to understand, and remember when I go out into the workforce.

Julia E.

More Cautious and Aware

“Most of the hazards I walked by all the time at work, I never really thought about what could go wrong. I can definitely say that I am more cautious and aware now.”

Megan G.

Communicating with Employers

"Without this training I would not have known how to confront a situation in which my life could be at risk. Now I know to communicate my concerns with my boss and future employers. Thank you, this program will be usefull throughout my future!"



Ariana G.