Speaking Out for Young Workers

Speaking Out for Young Workers

Commentary and news on occupational health and safety for young workers.


Young Worker Safety and Health Training at GPB

-By Carlos Rios

On June 7, the Center for Young Workers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute held a live training session at Georgia Public Broadcasting. While there were a myriad of projects to work on, I decided this would be a great opportunity to see the live training in action, so that I may possibly incorporate some of the techniques used in teaching young workers about safety and health into the online training and educational games my coworker, Dylan Demyanek, and I are working on. In addition, it allowed me the opportunity to see what else our center can do to make the live training more effective.

While I had already read the training module presentation, the live training of the module gave me a different perspective on the presentation, from interacting with people and the material to the incorporation of media and activities. While participating, I have realized that the live training definitely makes learning the material more effective than simply reading it. Since I myself am a young worker, I was able to asses the module and see how effective the training was, as well as see what I could incorporate from the live training into our online training and educational game which Dylan has been doing a great job in developing.

In addition to the training, the students, my coworkers and I were treated to a tour of the Georgia Public Broadcasting building; our center shares the building with GPB, yet we never knew about what goes on here, due to security that prevents us from touring the rest of the building. During the tour, we witnessed first-hand how GPB handles broadcasting its programs, films its shows as well as edit them. In addition, the tour got me interested in their film production opportunities; I will definitely be looking into working there after graduation.

In conclusion, the live training allowed me to get a different perspective on how young workers received the information, especially to the media and interactive portions. It also allowed me the chance to see how the Center for Young Workers could incorporate parts of the training to our online training to make it more consistent, so that young workers receive the same information whether they choose to sit through the training or learn it online. I feel that the conversion to online training will not only deliver the same information to a lot more people, but be more effective in retention as we incorporate interactivity and media to society’s growing satisfaction with receiving information from multiple mediums of technology.