Speaking Out for Young Workers

Speaking Out for Young Workers

Commentary and news on occupational health and safety for young workers.



This week, I had to pleasure of bringing our Young Worker Safety and Health training to MAGIC Camp. What is MAGIC camp, you may be asking yourselves? MAGIC stands for Mentoring a Girl in Construction and is a week long training camp designed to teach young women about careers in construction. All this week, the young women in Waynesboro, Georgia are getting hands on training in carpentry, welding, masonry, and general construction.

Their first day of camp began with our Safety and Health training program. These young women were engaged and excited to not only learn about safety work practices, but they also wanted to hear all about health and safety as a career path. I felted honored to have been given the opportunity to participant in such an empowering program. We ended the day with a lesson on fall protection. Mr. Mike O'Dell, with Brasfield and Gorrie, began the lesson asking each of the girls what they were afraid of and why. We talked about fear, why fear exists, and how we should respond to fear. Talking about how fear is our bodies way of telling us to be careful helped to allow the participants to realize that it is ok to be afraid, take a step back, and ask questions. After the discussion, the girls faced their fear of falling by trying on some fall arrest systems and testing them out on the tripod. Everyone had a blast, but what is more- they were all learning.

After completing the safety and health training course, the girls received pink hard hats, work gloves, safety vests, safety glasses, hearing protection, and a set of pink work tools from the wonderful MAGIC Camp director- Ms. Renee Connor.

To learn more about MAGIC Camp or to find out how you can participate in this free, one-week summer camp, check out their website at: http://www.mentoringagirlinconstruction.com/Home_Page.html.