Speaking Out for Young Workers

Speaking Out for Young Workers

Commentary and news on occupational health and safety for young workers.


Bringing Our Training To You Online!

We are ready to begin testing out our new online training. While we plan on making continual updates to it, we wanted to get it up and out there for anyone interested in going through our basic young worker training. To take the training you will first need to register: http://youngworker.gatech.edu/user/register.

Once you register or if you need to go back to the training go to: http://youngworker.gatech.edu/begin-training.

If you have to leave and go do something else in the middle of the training, don't worry! The training will bring you back to where you were the next time you log onto the website.


Since we are in the intial phases, we welcome any comments or suggestions! Please shoot us an email at youngworker@gtri.gatech.edu if you run into any problems!


Hope you have a safe day!


Jenny Houlroyd