Speaking Out for Young Workers

Speaking Out for Young Workers

Commentary and news on occupational health and safety for young workers.


Back to School!

For many students across the state of Georgia, Monday was the first day back to school. As director of the Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GTRI, with the start of the new school year, I look forward to reentering the high schools throughout the state to conduct safety and health training.

During this time of year, our Center focuses on training students that participate in a variety of the career-related educational programs that the Department of Education offers. This enables high school students to receive the safety training they need before heading out to their jobs.

My first stop this Fall will be Centennial High School, where I will train Ms. Willbanks' healthcare science students. I am continually impressed by the knowledge that these students bring to the classroom and take with them when they enter their career-based jobs. For these students, they not only learn about healthcare science, they get to experience it in the field. What is even better is that this year we have a training module focused solely on the hazards associated with healthcare sciences. I am excited to share this new curriculum with the students and get their feedback.

Check out and download these training materials focused on the healthcare industry.


Please look it over and let us know what you think about this training program!


-Jenny Houlroyd