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We now offer all 7 of our training programs online and free of charge for students, employers, and their families. These include several industry specific training modules, to include the healthcare and cosmetology industries.

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The Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GT is available to provide customized contract courses for schools and companies, please contact us to schedule these trainings, or click the icon now.


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We are so grateful for the many sponsors and supporters that we have here at the Young Worker Safety and Health Center at GT. To view a full list, or for more information on becoming a sponsor, please see our Sponsor Page.

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The Center for Young Worker Safety and Health at GT is committed to providing training, educational resources, technical expertise, and an online resource center for young workers and their parents, career and technical teachers and employers. With over 5,000 young workers trained, the Center is committed to creating a more sustainable workforce for tomorrow, today. For more information, visit our About Us and Testimonials pages.


"Without this training I would not have known how to confront a situation in which my life could be at risk. Now I know to communicate my concerns with my boss and future employers. Thank you, this program will be useful throughout my future."

Ariana G. 8/24/2012